As said before, our main work is programming and electrical drawings, but we like to remark these activities:

    -MES (Manufactuing Executin sytems). It constitute the layer that links the production control (PLC's SCADA and DCS) with enterprise resource planning systems or ERP (SAP typically)..

    -Programmable Logic Controllers  (PLC's):

  • -Telemecanique (Schneider).
  • -Modicon (Schneider).
  • -Allen-Bradley (Rockwell).
  • -Siemens.
  • -Omron.
  • -General Electric.
  • -Sprecher.

  • -Supervisory Programs (SCADA's).

  • -Vijeo CITECT.
  • -Vijeo Look.
  • -Vijeo Designer.
  • -SG-Backup.
  • -Monitor Pro.
  • -CIMplicity.
  • -Control-View.
  • -Rs-View.
  • -Win CC.
  • -Graph.
  • -Fancy.
  • -Intouch.

  • - Custom asynchronous serial drivers protocols ¬†development.

    -Custom programs development, for applications that requires database and industrial control integration, in order to make elaborate reports, business management, ....

    - Making of electrical drawings and instrument loop diagrams (ILD’s), EPLAN, whit CAD or MS Access (very large system with repetitive structure)..

    -Traceability control systems integrated in the production process.

    -Shopping centers' energy control system.

    -NETWORK diagnosis and management.


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